How Surgeons Decide When To Perform Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Advanced laparoscopic surgery is now here, and it is providing many great benefits to the patients whose ailments are suitable for this treatment. These benefits are a reduced recovery time from surgery which can normally cause a severe shock to the body's systems, a reduction in the risk of complications due to reduced bleeding and a reduced need for pain killing drugs, and an ability to return more quickly to a normal life. Although the surgery is not going to be suitable for every case, applying it in those cases where it is suitable can only lead to greater patient comfort and satisfaction.

The techniques of laparoscopic surgery are older than many people think, although there has been a great increase in the possibilities for their use in recent years. The first experiments were actually carried out right at the start of the last century, although these could only be carried out on animals. From those early beginnings, it took the best part of a decade before anyone could start work on the human body, and even then it was in a severely limited way.

The uses for laparoscopic surgery remained severely limited throughout the early years of the twentieth century, although some improvements were possible. It was only when electronic technology provided the way to actually see inside the human body that the whole technique began to evolve. Now, it was not only possible to carry out operations on a far greater number of organs, it was possible to carry out operation which need a lot more attention to detail. The way was now clear to develop the technology to treat cancer.

Laparoscopic myomectomy is one of the procedures which became possible as a result of these advances, although it remains one of the most difficult surgeries to perform. Perhaps the greatest advancement of all is the ability to use the laparoscopic camera as a diagnostic tool, and make an intelligent choice as to whether keyhole surgery is actually the best option in each individual case. Although there are great benefits to the patient from using this gentler technique, it should not be used if it risks leaving the disease in the body.

Although there is a quicker recovery period from laparoscopic myomectomy, and a reduced risk of complication as with all advanced laparoscopic surgery, it must always be remembered that full abdominal surgery does make it easier to access all of the area which requires treatment. Catching and dealing with the disease has to remain the priority, and whichever system has the highest chance of success is the one which must be used. The laparoscopic camera an help a qualified surgeon make this choice, and it greatly increases the chance of the right choice being made. The surgeon will then know that they are right in performing advanced laparoscopic surgery.


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