Why Laparoscopic Colon Surgery Is Still Less Common Than It Should Be

Laparoscopic colon surgery is one of the newest procedures using the technology which is having such a profound effect on recovery times and the reduction of complications. Although the colon is a large organ and could always have been treated in this way, there was too little vision for the surgeon without the use of high technology cameras. Even now, it is still relatively rare for a colon operation to be carried out in this way. This is due to the fact that there are still relatively few surgeons who are comfortable with the technique, even though the methodology is now well established.

It has taken a long time for laparoscopic surgery to really reach its potential. Very few people realize that the first tentative experiments were actually carried out over a hundred years ago, on dogs with only a very limited way of treating the diseased tissue. These early experiments were largely carried out as a way of deciding what was possible in the treatment of humans at that early stage. It was to be another eight years before the first experiments were carried out on human tissue.

From those early beginnings, progress was extremely slow until improved technology allowed the surgeon to see the inside of the body in more detail than was even possible will full invasive surgery. From that point onward, progress has been quick in many cases. Even cancer can now be treated without a large incision being necessary. The future for this technology is extremely promising, and the only reason it is not already firmly established in colon treatment is that it is proving hard to train enough surgeons to carry out the procedure.

When it comes to laparoscopic surgery colon treatment should be one of the easiest to facilitate, as the colon is an extremely large organ which is not difficult to manipulate. In many cases it is possible to remove diseased tissue and just stitch the colon together again without a great deal of trouble. This is obviously possible with standard open surgery, but the use of a laparoscopic camera can give many benefits to the patient.

One of the most significant benefits of laparoscopic colon surgery is that it allow the patient to resume a normal life far more quickly and easily. This is a benefit which then has a knock on effect as the improved morale helps the patient in so many other ways. There is also a reduced bleeding, as long as the surgeon manages to avoid contact with any of the other sensitive internal organs. The reduced hospital stay makes it possible for so many more patients to be treated, and is strongly recommended that more surgeons are trained to carry out laparoscopic colon surgery.


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