Why Laparoscopic Diverticulitis Surgery Is The Safest Treatment

Laparoscopic diverticulitis surgery is just one of the many abdominal applications for a surgical technique which is giving great benefits to thousands of patients. The surface has still barely been scratched, and that is a lot more yet that laparoscopic surgery can do. It has the potential to greatly speed up the time taken for operations, to allow a far greater number of patients to be operated on in the same amount of time, and to reduce the recovery time even further than it already has. The technique also has the potential to save endangered species, as it is possible to recover eggs from a mother who is terminally ill.

All of these benefits were seen as possible by far sighted pioneers who developed this technology over a century ago. When the first experiments were carried out on dogs at the beginning of the last century, there were really no surgical procedures which could effectively be carried out. The experiments were conducted purely for the purposes of research, to show where the next developments needed to happen. It took eight long years before any experiments could be carried out with humans, but even these were extremely primitive.

The following half a century was an extremely frustrating time for the pioneers, as it was impossible to make any real progress with the technology available to them. It was only when electronics paved the way for cameras to show the inside of the human body that progress could really be made. Since that time, it has become possible to treat a wide variety of abdominal conditions with laparoscopic surgery. The only reason that it has not become even more widely adopted than it has is because there are too few surgeons trained in the technique. This is something which needs to be addressed.

Diverticulitis and other abdominal conditions can be treated with laparoscopic surgery, provided there are no obvious impediments to this. In certain cases, there will be a blocked view of the area which needs treating. This is rare, because there are usually multiple incisions made into the skin, even though they are far smaller than the standard incision used for open surgery. The cameras in use now are so advanced that it is quickly possible to tell whether any specific situation is going to cause a problem.

Laparoscopic diverticulitis surgery is much easier to recover from than open surgery which leaves large scars. The amount of blood which the patient loses should be greatly reduced, while the need to take painkillers is also far less. These factors make the risk of complications less than they are with open surgery. The patient is allowed to return home far sooner, freeing up hospital beds for other patients. The early return is usually a great morale booster, and aids even further the recovery from laparoscopic diverticulitis surgery.


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