How Laparoscopic Instruments Have Evolved Over Time

Laparoscopic instruments have developed out of all recognition since the early days of this technology. Many people, even those who work with these instruments every day, don't realize how long laparoscopic medicine has actually been in existence. The first experiments into the possibility of keyhole surgery were carried out at the turn of the last century, not too many years after electric light was first invented. These were extremely primitive experiments by the standards of today, but they did what they were designed to do. They paved the way for the developments which were to come.

The early experiments were carried out on animals, and were only really designed for research purposes. There were very few, if any, surgical procedures which could actually be carried out using small laparoscopic instruments, simply due to the poor vision that the surgeon had of the affected area. Despite this, some operations were carried out on human subjects nearly a decade later. The early years of keyhole surgery did not yield any great benefit, simply because the technology did not match the aspirations of the pioneers who could see so clearly what they wanted to do.

It was only after the Second World War that technological advances came in to help the pioneers finally produce what they had been seeking to all along. Camera technology began to advance to the level where surgeons could see inside the human body, with the same degree of clarity that they would have during an open operation. Now, of course, we can do this with considerable ease, and the modern laproscopic instrument is capable of so much more even than this. Camera sizes have shrunk to the degree that there is now total flexibility inside the body.

The laproscope which is used today can overcome a great many of the problems which are inherent in keyhole surgery. There are may operations which cause problems because of the difficulty of seeing the organs, or the part of the organs, which need to be operated upon. In many cases, that can lead to a recommendation being made for open surgery. The smaller and lighter laproscope can overcome these problems in a great many cases.

The modern laproscopic instrument is also capable of creating light in the areas where it is most needed, leading to a much clearer picture being displayed on the screen. The great detail which is now available to surgeons is allowing conditions such as cancer to now be treated. The possibilities for the future are amazing, and not just in the field of human medicine either. Laparoscopic instruments can even help save endangered species by allowing safe hatching of more eggs. There is every reason to believe that we would benefit greatly from an increased use of laparoscopic instruments.


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