Why Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery Is Aiding Patient Recovery

Laparoscopic kidney surgery is proving to be a huge breakthrough in the treatment of kidney cancer. The treatment, which involves the use of extremely small surgical instruments and a camera which takes footage of the inside of the body, has several advantages over the more usual invasive surgery. Although the recovery rates and survival rate of patients who have been treated this way is identical to those who have been treated in the traditional way, these patients are left with less scarring to the body, they recover more quickly and are able to resume work much sooner, and they are at far less risk of an adverse reaction.

Laparoscopic surgery itself has undergone a great many changes in the hundred years since the first experiments were carried out. These early experiments were carried out on dogs, and there was no way for the surgeon to actually see what was happening inside the body. The number of operations which could be carried out this way was extremely limited, and it took another eight years before operations could be carried out on human patients. Although there were minor advances in the following decades, it was not until the introduction of electronics that the technology made a major breakthrough.

As soon as cameras evolved to the level where they could be used inside the body, with the pictures being transmitted to a large screen so that the surgeon could effectively see inside, the possibilities for laparoscopic surgery increased manifold. It was now possible to treat more than just the large organs in the human body, and even those large organs could be treated in a far more effective way. The treatment has now evolved to the level where cancer cells can be removed, and laparoscopic kidney surgery is proving highly effective.

Many cancer patients have been considerably weakened by the disease, and have been fighting it for many years. This means that the ordeal the body will need to undergo with traditional surgery will put a huge strain on an already depleted system, and the result is that some patients will be lost to the treatment itself. Even when the surgery is completely successful, there is always going to be a long recovery period needed.

The laparoscopic kidney surgery techniques leave only a tiny incision in the human body, and therefore create a far lower level of stress. The physical scars will heal in a fraction of the time, and even though there may still be a permanent mark it will be nowhere near as prominent. It is in the mental recovery, though, that the greatest benefit is felt. Many man hours are saved by the patient being able to return more quickly to a full working life, and the resulting improvement in morale is also instrumental in aiding recovery. This just reinforces the benefit of using laparoscopic kidney surgery.


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